Padvish EDR

(Endpoint Detection and Response)


Padvish Endpoint Detection and Response (Padvish EDR)

In the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity, the focus has shifted towards threats that are not only more hidden but also more destructive, intricate, and persistent. Many cyber threats and attacks remain undetected for extended periods, often discovered after the damage is done. Unfortunately, traditional security tools often fall short of addressing these emerging challenges effectively for several reasons:
  • Detecting known malware: Anti-malware tools are primarily designed to detect common malware.
  • Fileless and Browser-Based Attacks: New threats, such as fileless attacks and those initiated through web browsers, operate without deploying malicious files. These attacks execute complex, multi-stage actions that cannot be detected and prevented easily by anti-malware solutions.
  • Testing and Reconnaissance by Attackers: Cyber attackers test security tools to assess vulnerabilities before launching an attack. This reconnaissance phase allows them to test the likelihood of successful penetration, evading detection.
  • A tool cannot deal with an expert threat group: Dealing with expert groups demands a comprehensive solution, and a single tool may be insufficient. The intricacies and planning involved in such attacks require a more sophisticated and adaptive response.

Given these challenges, it is necessary to deploy advanced tools to detect hidden and complex threats among millions of clean events.

Over 60% of cyber-attacks occur within few minutes, while it requires months to detect 50% of them.

While security teams consistently strive to identify and prevent attacks at first stages, preventing threats may not achieve a 100% success rate, as comprehensive monitoring and analysis of all events is challenging without access to the necessary tools.
Padvish EDR serves as an integrated endpoint security solution, seamlessly combining continuous monitoring, in-depth analysis, and real-time response capabilities. This product is highly recommended for organizations seeking a comprehensive and robust solution to deal with complex and persistent threats.

Padvish EDR Operation Process


Organizations and network administrators require swift and straightforward access to their network information. With a comprehensive list of connected clients and a graphical representation of the data received by the system, administrators can gain a more accurate understanding of their network's status. This enables them to detect and fix problems that might otherwise go unnoticed in regular monitoring.

Padvish EDR Sensors

  • Detecting hardware changes
  • Detecting software changes
  • Detecting executed processes
  • Detecting autorun programs
  • Detecting system information
  • Detecting connected peripheral devices
  • Detecting network attacks

Padvish EDR Features

  • Displaying the list of processes and modules
  • Connecting and controlling clients
  • Receiving suspicious files automatically
  • Receiving anonymous files and analyze them
  • Displaying the processes that generate PE file
  • Connecting to the client to run customized scans
  • Displaying the distribution diagram of clients in the network

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