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Achieving the fundamental technologies in the informatics , IT, and development field, along with innovation and creativity in this field, are the most important goals of Amnpardaz Soft Corporation.

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Padvish, More Than a Normal Antivirus

Encountering all types of malware (Viruses, Trojans, Worms, etc.)

Employing UMP cutting-edge technology against transferring any malware from peripheral storages

Employing Anticrypto with multi-layer protection to encounter all types of digital ransoms

Cloud technology to identify up to date, dangerous and unknown threats

Expertise firewall

Identification system and encountering intrusion by Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) network

Powerful Device Control to control authorized and unauthorized peripheral devices

Constant and relevant update to prevalent malware

Easy and fast support by precise and expert supporters


AV-Test Report: Padvish Anticrypto successfully identified and neutralized all Ransomware attacks. Padvish had 100 percent total identification.

Ransomware is a malware that blackmailing the victim by taking them hostage and encrypting the victim's system files. Paying the requested ransom is not the assurance of releasing files; study the Padvish performance certified international tests details against Ransomware.

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Why is Anti-Ransomware important?

In recent years, new methods for developing malware and earning by this way have been developed. In this new method, a cybercriminal encrypting your computer, and you have to pay excessive money as a ransom to access your own files. You never saw this person, and your information has been taken, hostage. Will you trust them and pay the ransom? Padvish antivirus will protect your computer and free your system from this modern and bullying extortionist by employing Anticrypto cutting-edge technology and relying on its expert's pioneer knowledge.