%100 ransomware detection certificate by German AVTEST lab.

Padvish AntiCrypto

The trusted solution to encounter modern Extortionists

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The New Capabilities Of Padvish AntiCrypto



New protection mechanism based on baiting for identifying new Ransomware


Speed and precision

Ability to detect and notify the simultaneous infection to Ransomware with much more speed


More Efficiency

The capability of protecting the system MBR and encountering Ransomware such as Petya

Comprehensive protection

Protecting your system in Safemode



Compatibility with high-resolution monitors (4K)


Easier than ever

Enhancing the activation system and adding the capability of activating the Trial version from inside the product.


Cybersecurity Extortionists Demand Real Money


Be safe from modern thieves and extortionists. Padvish AntiCrypto makes you able to not being worry about being encrypted and inaccessible to your important information. This product is a smart tool to encounter all types of known and unknown malware that are not restricted to a Specific bunch of ransomware and maybe are exotic or unique. This is the main difference between Padvish AntiCrypto with other antiviruses. Generally, the best way to being safe from these extortionists is to prevent them from any breach Padvish AntiCrypto uses VSS for backing up your data.



Some Features Of Padvish AntiCrypto

  • expert and powerful anti-Ransomware employing behavioral techniques
  • protecting all types of user's files against ransom threats and file wreckers
  • defending against new Ransomware (such as WannaCry) with no need to update
  • DataCop feature (backing up information) and preventing from deletion these backups in the format of a schedule
  • magnificent backup speed of your data in only a few seconds
Conventional Questions


1- What is Padvish AntiCrypto?

Padvish AntiCrypto This product is a smart tool to encounter all types of known and unknown malware that are not restricted to a Specific bunch of ransomware and maybe are exotic or unique. With this tool, you can be free from the damages of Ransomware


2- How does Padvish AntiCrypto work?

Padvish AntiCrypto intelligently detects internet Ransomware and prevent your files from being encrypted or corrupted by this Ransomware. Contrary to antiviruses that need to be constantly updated, Padvish AntiCrypto does this work automatically and with no update and also can detect Ransomware which is written in the future because Padvish AntiCrypto is sensitive to this Ransomware, and they cannot demand money without encrypting your files. Additionally, Padvish AntiCrypto has another protection layer named DataCop that backing up your information and prevent them from being removed or destructed.


3- What is the duty of Padvish AntiCrypto DataCop?

DataCop is a part of Padvish AntiCrypto that its duty is to provide light, low-size, and fast backup of your data. DataCop, also prevent these backups from deletion due to malware attacks. In addition to DataCop stops this Ransomware, you can use backups to restore information that was removed by mistake or have been rewritten, or you can find and compare your old version of your files.


4- How Padvish AntiCrypto backs up?

Padvish AntiCrypto backing up your whole information automatically and twice a day and also prevent them from being removed. The backups are VSS versions that are different from the traditional time-wasting method. This backing up type will be stored only by occurred changes in the files and a few seconds, and for this reason, it is very low-size. For instance, a month of backing up from your whole information may not reach a Gigabyte size.


5- How can I view and restore a backup file?

To access backups:

Right-click on the desired drive (e.g. drive) and choose Properties

Then go to the Previous Versions tab and choose your desired time and click on the Open button to see the files drive at the time of backup.

To restore backup files, you only need to copy them from this window to the window you desire.


6- Where is the place of the backup?

As we have mentioned, Padvish AntiCrypto uses the VSS method to backs up the information. In this method, the backup information will be restored on the same drive. For example, if your information is on Drive C, some part of the drive (e.g. five percent of its size) will be dedicated to backups. Since backups are low-size, this is enough for storing several weeks of backups.


7- Is it necessary to adjust or specify the backup location?

No, Padvish AntiCrypto acts automatically as soon as installation and activation and need no extra settings. Since backups are VSS-based, there is no need to define storing location, and you just need to keep the AntiCrypto activated. However, it is better to adjust a password for your AntiCrypto to make its deactivation hard but always remember the password.


8-By installing Padvish AntiCrypto software, will your computer being safe from infecting any types of Ransomware?

Yes, this software detects a wide variety of known and unknown Ransomware by behavior and will prevent data from being corrupted by them. For instance, when the WannaCry virus encrypted and infected information of more than a hundred thousand clients globally in just a few days, AntiCrypto users were safe even while they had an older version with no updates. Indeed, no software cannot provide 100 percent security, and it is always possible that newer viruses threatened your system with more advanced methods; hence, it is always necessary to constantly back up your information so you can free of any problems in this matter. Meanwhile, Padvish AntiCrypto will periodically analyze the necessity of updating and will notify you if any update is needed.