About Us


Amnpardaz Soft Corporation was founded in 2005 , including developers at different levels, can produce custom software for all types of Windows, Linux, Android, and IOS platforms.

All the processes from designing to production in this corporation are performed by complying with the relevant standards and scrum-based production methods, and the efficiency of the final product is ensured by performing quality assurance tests.

Today, this corporation is the only producer of information security products for End-point clients in Iran.

With experience in producing products such as Antivirus, Image Processing products, and products related to enterprise automation, this corporation has the sufficient and necessary experiences for all types of projects from small to massively large levels in its portfolio.

Its antivirus "Padvish" could earn a remarkable share of Iran's market.


Protecting End-point clients in this state by Padvish is the proof of its strength and performance since Iran has always been the number one aim of cyber-attacks.

Overall, more than a million users use Padvish to provide security in cyberspace.

Padvish Antivirus is a total competitive product with contemporary and modern features and is suitable for encountering malware threats in the cybersecurity world.

In 2017, this Antivirus succeeded in detecting and disinfecting WannaCry Ransomware as early as it has distributed.

According to published documents on WikiLeaks, this Antivirus also could act successfully against Zero-day threats- used by intelligence agencies - and overcome their damages.

The main strong point of this product is the remarkable technology in protection systems against Ransomware attacks is confirmed by German AV-Test Co.

Padvish Antivirus is suitable for both enterprises and homes, and it can be installed and used on Windows, Linux, and Android operation systems.

Amnpardaz Soft Corporation also includes an equipped laboratory to analyze all types of malware and cyber-threats that implemented and designed to produce patterns for encountering and disinfecting malware.

This laboratory can analyze all types of malware and cyber-threats for Widows, Linux, and Android operation systems at high levels and provides encountering and disinfecting procedures for them.