Hey, Why Are You Always On Your Phone?

• If your child is always busy with the phone
• If you are worried about the application on their phones
• If you are worried about your private pictures
• If your internet account balance runs out soon
• If you are worried about your children's activity in cyberspace

Padvish Parental Control Is Your Solution


Download Padvish Parental Control


Suitable for android phones and tablets with android 6 or higher


Padvish Parental Control Features


Data Management

Controlling the usage of data according to a specified schedule

Blocking the uninstallation

Blocking the uninstallation by the children

Automatic Update

Receiving the latest update automatically

Application Reports

Viewing a summary of blocked applications

Device Lock

Locking the device with usage schedule

Camera Lock

Blocking the usage of the camera

Scheduling applications

Scheduling the time of usage

Wi-Fi Management

Managing the usage of Wi-Fi according to schedule

The Picture Remains Private

You can schedule the use of the phone by your children with Padvish Parental Control.

Control the application your children install and make sure they do not send your private photos unintentionally.

With few settings, protect your family privacy.