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Padvish Managed Detection and Response

(Padvish MDR)
With the spread of cyber attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs), the demand for dealing with these sophisticated attacks has become increasingly apparent. Naturally, dealing with these attacks, necessitates more than just the a product or service. It calls for a comprehensive solution that not only deploys advanced technologies but also relies on technical and experienced human experts to effectively combat these evolving threats.
Padvish managed detection and response (Padvish MDR) is designed as a centralized and secure solution, drawing upon detailed and in-depth information collected by Padvish products across network systems. Padvish MDR is designed to detect intrusions and proactively prevent the intruder's ongoing activities within the network. This is achieved through a combination of tagging, aggregating, alerting, and comprehensive data visualization.

An anti-malware tool alone may not be sufficient to detect the intent behind some suspicious activities. For example, a successful login after multiple incorrect password attempts, especially during unusual hours, can indeed be indicative of a potential cyber attack. However, it's crucial to consider alternative scenarios, such as the efforts of an administrator trying to fix a network problem. Detection of these issues requires the expertise of cybersecurity professionals. Padvish's cybersecurity experts are well-equipped to detect targeted attacks and unknown malware

Padvish MDR is designed to:


Various sensors to detect known and unknown threats

  • Detection of software changes
  • Detection of hacking and intrusion tools
  • Detection of Fileless intrusions
  • Detection of RDP intrusion
  • Detection of Potentially Unwanted Applications (PUA) and Risktools
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • Detection of shared folders infection
  • Detection of suspicious behavior (incorrect passwords, attempts to bypass anti-malware protection)

Padvish MDR Levels of Security Alerts

Alert Level

Yellow Orange Red Black

Call notification

Time to call

_ Working hours
(7 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
24×7 24×7

Checking requirement

_ 1 Week 1 Day 1 Hour

Alert written notice


Service Levels Comparison in Padvish MDR

Features MDR Free MDR Optimum MDR Expert

24×7 Monitoring

An expert team with the experience of investigating the recent cyberattacks

The depth of advanced sensors

Low Medium Deep

Security alert notification

Alert notification via text message/call

Alert written notice

Active threat hunting


Guaranteed service level


Storing alerts for up to one year


Monthly network status report


Forensics up to 20 hours


Forensics up to 50 hours

_ _

Network security status assessment

_ _

Reporting the weaknesses and improvable aspects of the network

_ _

Storing raw logs for the period determined by the enterprise policy

_ _

Access to Padvish MDR website

_ _

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