Padvish Mail Gateway Protection

An Integral and trustful solution against complex threats based on E-mail

Compatibility with all types of mail servers regardless of their types and versions

Fast and easy implementation

Multi-layer protection




The Importance Of Email For Businesses Makes This Platform The First Aim Of Cyber-Attacks

Most enterprises, based on the importance and confidentiality of email subject attempts to set up their exclusive email server and most of the important administrative correspondences performed by the employees and through this method. But Email has its own troubles that must somehow be controlled and analyzed. E-mails and especially spams are an important and conventional method of transferring and infecting malware. Also, entering unwanted Emails (spam) forces excessive time and financial costs to enterprises in both storing space and the time spent scanning and removing them. Additionally, Email is one of the main initials of Phishing and attackers use it to steal user's identification information and deceive them. Another threat is the infection of user's systems that sends a large size of unwanted Emails that led to adding the enterprise to the spam blacklist, and every email of the enterprise will count as spam or will be blocked and prevent the original emails of the enterprise for reach the destination which is the main goal of the enterprise. Hence, having a system to survey all income Emails into the enterprise to protect against spam, malware and phishing are inevitable.

Main Features of Padvish Mail Gateway Protection

Detection and removing malicious codes

Preventing deceiving and encouraging methods

Scanning Emails attachments

Preventing Spams

Controlling incoming and outgoing emails

Protection against Ransomware attacks

Protection against Phishing attacks

Detecting and debugging advertising web-bugs

Protection Features

Scanning email attachments for malware and quarantines infected files.

Detecting Spams and quarantines them

Preventing from sending and receiving dangerous files with the possibility of transferring malware

Preventing from deceiving and encouraging clients to open attachments

Detecting Phishing links inside emails

Detecting and debugging dangerous HTML codes inside email text

Detecting and debugging advertising phishing links

Malware Detection Technologies

Detecting novel malware based on Padvish AI technology

Detecting all types of malware (Ransomware, Miners, Worms, Trojans, Viruses, etc.)

Constant updating malware detection base

Detecting polymorphic malware

Simulating execution and detecting hidden malware

Equipped with hundreds of Padvish exclusive unpackers to decrypting malware

Special scanners for all types of files (executive, scripts, office)

Reporting Features

Reporting detected malware on Padvish Management Console

Viewing the quarantine of detected spams

Viewing the quarantine of detected malware

Viewing the quarantine of dangerous attachments

Viewing operational logs and system errors