What is iLO?

HP Integrated Lights-Out (iLO), is a proprietary management technology embedded in HPE ProLiant servers. HP iLO enables remote control access, even when servers are offline or inaccessible via standard networks, ensuring 24x7 uptime for critical IT assets.

What is iLOBleed?

The discovery of the iLOBleed rootkit is considered a major breakthrough in the cybersecurity world, as it represents the first instance of a rootkit infecting HP iLO firmware. Discovered by Amnpardaz Corporation in 2021, this rootkit poses a serious threat to the security and integrity of HP servers utilizing iLO technology and represents a paradigm shift in cyber threats, targeting a critical component of server management.

iLOBleed Characteristics

HP iLO Security: The final Solution to safeguard HP iLO firmware

"A Comprehensive service to detect & fix hidden threats in HP iLO firmware"

The main features of HP iLO Security

  • Malware Detection:
    Detects iLOBleed rootkit and other malware in iLO firmware
  • Open-Source Availability:
    Available as open-source software for checking servers' iLO firmware
  • Dumping and Authenticity Check:
    Allows dumping iLO firmware and verifying its authenticity
  • White-List Method:
    Uses a white-list method for enhanced malware detection
  • All-inclusive Detection:
    Identifies various infections or manipulations in the firmware
  • First Step in Firmware Malware Analysis:
    Provides raw dump data for initial malware analysis

iLOBleed Characteristics