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"In case of real-world ransomware attacks all were detected and successfully blocked. The detection rate of 100% is perfect."

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What is AntiCrypto?

Padvish AntiCrypto is a smart tool to deal with known and unknown ransomware, which is not limited into specific types of ransomware. It is a unique and possibly one of a kind solution. With this tool, you can avoid ransomware infection and be safe of its harm.

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Maximum Protection

Padvish AntiCrypto detects ransomware’s harmful behavior intelligently and prevents your data from encryption or tampering. Unlike Antivirus software, which needs constant updating, Padvish AntiCrypto does not need updating and acts automatically. It even can detect future ransomware! Since it is sensitive to behavior and ransomware are not able to demand money without encrypting your information. In addition, Padvish AntiCrypto has another layer of protection called DataCop, which backs up your data and keeps it safe.


Accurate and behavioral detection of any ransomware

After being infected with ransomware and encrypting system information, there is no way to retrieve data, but Padvish AntiCrypto is able to protect your system data against these attacks, and with its advanced and multi-layer technology protects your system behaviorally without daily updates

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